Cutek CD33 Naked Stripper 5L


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CUTEK® Wood Stripper CUTEK® CD33 is a powerful and user-friendly paint and surface coating stripper. CUTEK® Wood Stripper is DIY-friendly; no professional experience is necessary.

CUTEK® Wood Stripper is suitable for removing multiple layers of the most commonly used wood coatings such as latex paints, stains, varnishes, linseed oils, acrylics and other film forming coatings. It is also effective at removing coatings from metal, brick and masonry surfaces.

Powerful yet safe, CUTEK® Wood Stripper is the smart alternative to conventional strippers that use dangerous chemicals (such as methylene chloride, NMP, etc.).



Whatever your application – decking, siding, railings, doors, doors or windows – CUTEK™ products are proven performers. Architects, builders and manufacturers have been specifying CUTEK™ for timber coating in some of the world’s harshest climates for nearly three decades.

CUTEK™ is a unique penetrating oil that has proven to be the ideal stabiliser and decorative coating for exterior timber.

Cutek® CD50

Tried and true, the original formulation that has been protecting timber from Sydney to Dubai for decades.Cutek CD50 will penetrate deeply into any species of timber, including hardwoods and bamboo, to provide water repellency and assist with long term dimensional stability.

Cutek CD50 does not peel off or crack, but helps to control warping, cupping, and splitting; effectively enhancing the service life of timber. This characteristic ensures that future recoat preparation consists of a simple wash-down of the timber, rather than conventional sanding or stripping, resulting in significant savings in ongoing maintenance costs and time.

Cutek CD50 stabilising oils are ideal for use as clear, water repellent protective coatings on exterior timber surfaces. Please note that the clear coated timber surface will lightly silver with age to produce a natural weathered appearance, while retaining its dimensional stability characteristics. If this natural silvering of the timber is undesirable, then colourtoned CUTEK™ stabilising oils should be used to delay the silvering process in addition to maintaining and enhancing the natural colour of freshly oiled timber.

Cutek CD50 is are suitable for use on weatherboads, shingles, board & batten, plywood, log buildings, beams, outdoor furniture, deckings, fascia boards, shutters, garage doors, joinery, spa pools, fences, posts… in fact virtually anything made of wood or bamboo.

Cutek CD50 can be easily applied by almost anyone.

Cutek CD50 is especially formulated for interior & exterior use

By providing long-term water damage control, CUTEK™ helps to maintain the natural appearance of timber and provides unparalleled dimensional stability.