Primed Pine

Primed Pine is Australia’s leading pre-primed treated timber products providing eco-friendly building solutions to builders, contractors and landscapes.
Install and paint is the philosophy behind Primed Pine as it continues to set a precedent for quality and durability across Australia. The combination of an innovative new preservative and a genuine BLUE primer gives Primed Pine the edge.
These easy-to-use primed products are perfect for your next project, no matter if it’s a small veranda, cladding a house or creating a dream entertainment area.

Advantages of Primed Pine

Using state-of-the-art technology and genuine primer coating, Primed Pine is the leading timber solution for builders and landscapers alike.

Advantages of Primed Pine Renewable Building Materials

Primed Pine delivers quality pine and timber to builders, manufacturers and landscapers across Australia, ensuring they get long-lasting results and a stylish, attractive finish. With a dedication to providing clients with the right materials for the job, we’re the perfect choice for any and every project.
So, what is it that makes Primed Pine stand out from the rest?

  • Prefinished pine with genuine primer
  • Directly apply topcoats
  • Engineered timber products
  • Defect free boards
  • External glue system
  • Preserved with Organic Biocides
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • 25-year preservative warranty
  • Plantation grown timber
  • Easy to use

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Showing all 5 results