If you are looking for an excellent alternative for timber, then recycled plastic bollards is the best option. These products offer stiff and resistant barriers and define the boundaries. They are the best choice to deter vehicle or pedestrian access. Recycled plastic bollards are available in several  configurations and different colours. These bollards can be fitted alone or can be linked in a chain or pipe.

As these bollards are produced from recycled plastic, they are environmentally sensitive and suitable for different customer demands. However, if you are buying recycled plastic bollards, then make sure that they are installed in a right manner.

Features of Recycled Plastic Bollards

  1. Environmental Friendly

Plastic recycling leads to production of low maintenance products which are designed for durability. Other being low maintenance, recycled plastic deters termites, microorganisms and moisture which will not split, rot, and crack or require coloring.

  1. You can create an environmental statement

By using recycled plastic bollards, you can create awareness about sustainable community which reduces, re-uses and recycles plastic products. At Mikatimber, we believe in renewing the waste into valuable resources and making the community more aware about sustainable development.

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