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B1: Pyramid top, 2/ 18mm square collars, chamfered edges and scolloped faces.  B2: Chamfer top and 1/ 18mm square collar. B3: Pyramid top and 1/ 18mm square collar. B4: Pyramid top. B5: Dome top treated pine super round.

  B6: Chamfer top. B7: Pyramid top and 2/ 12mm square collars. B8: Peak top B9: Splay top. B10: Dome

Bollard tops can be made in many different shapes and sizes. The size of a chamfered top is most commonly 20mm and a pyramid top is set at 35deg, but this is only a guide. We can manufacture your bollard tops to any shape and size, to meet your specifications. Call to discus your needs. 

Collar sizes vary from job to job, the same as the bollard tops. We have manufactured them from 10mm to 110mm wide and up to 25mm deep, but as a guide, the most common size is 18mm wide by 10mm deep and the most common shape is square.

Because each job is unique, we have the experience and machinery to help you create any shape and size you require.



       B1                              B2                                  B3                                     B4                                B5

     B6                               B7                                  B8                                      B9                               B10